Abandoned Comics

Abandoned Comics is  a new comic book publisher founded by Martin Greene and Mike Lynch.It will focus on the more mature comic book audience. It’s first two titles will be the World War One comic Wire and Gas and the Horror comic Nestor.

Wire and Gas

Wire and Gas is a collection of three short stories based on ideas by Martin Greene and written by Mike Lynch. The book will feature art by Mike Ball, Aidan Courtney and Anthony O Neill.  It will also have a cover drawn by Aidan Courtney. The comic will also have an special five page short from the book Nestor entitled ‘Ripper’ and it is drawn by Joe Campbell. The book will also feature an eleven page strip written by and drawn by Joe Campbell called Distant Fields.


Nestor is a vampire story set in Dublin. It tells the story of a vampire that is forced to watch his wife die at the hands of a gang and sets out to avenge her death. The Comic is based on a story by Martin Greene and is written by Mike Lynch. It will feature art by Paul McCallan and Anthony O Neill. The cover art for Issue One is by Kevin Logue (of Zombies Hi fame) and the second issue will feature cover art by Colorado based horror artist Robert Elrod. In addition to the two issues there will be three one page teasers drawn by Kevin Logue which will be released on this blog in the weeks leading up to the book arrival in 2012. There will also be a five page prequel story called ‘Ripper’ which will appear in Wire and Gas which has been drawn by Joe Campbell.

14 Responses to Abandoned Comics

  1. anthony says:

    WOW this all looks soooo!!!! awsome

  2. Danny says:

    Looking good… Can’t wait for their release now!

  3. Mike says:

    Cheers Danny shouldn’t be too much longer before we have Issue One of Nestor out.

  4. charlene says:

    Love the new website its cool, I cant wait for you guys to see the issue of nestor 2 Anthony has done an amazing job it looks so good!!

  5. mikeplynch says:

    Looking forward to seeing it Charlene, if it’s anything like the pages I’ve already seen it will be great.

  6. LukeShred says:

    Looks great lads, cant wait for Nestor, it looks great B)

  7. mikeplynch says:

    Cheers Luke.

  8. peter grouse says:

    This looks sick as! cant wait to read it guy’s!!!

  9. mikeplynch says:

    Cheers Peter, a week or two and we will have Issue one back from the printers.

  10. peter grouse says:

    Awesome mate, ill buy the comics online as I wont be able to get a hard copy but the PDF digital one will still be sweet! i’ll read them on my Ipad when im flying and the aircraft is in the cruise :)

  11. anthony says:

    congrats on issue 1 BLOODY fantastic :)

  12. China says:

    Mike ,
    Got Nestor #1 today , good grahics , well done

  13. anthony says:

    Hi “China”

    If you enjoyed the first installment you should really check out the second the story just gets better and better.

    anthony :)

  14. Bought Issues 1 and 2 in Limerick today. You’ve done a great job. I hope it all works out for you. Great work.

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